“The powers of symbols, the magical power of words: Kertzer’s book offers an extraordinary illustration of the formidable impact of words and signs in the political universe.”
—Marc Abeles, L’Homme

“The story which unfolds is rich in drama and pathos, and David I. Kertzer tells it with great flair.”
—Donald Sassoon, Times Literary Supplement

“An intriguing, well written, and provocative book that deserves to find a readership beyond specialists in Italian history and politics.”
—Alexander De Grand, Political Science Quarterly

“David I. Kertzer in Politcs and Symbols develops an interesting and informative account of the demise of the Italian Communist Party.”
—Richard W. Wilson, World Politics

"Kertzer's book should be read by all political scientists, whether they are specialists in Italian communism or comparative European politics, or are interested in party behavior in general. . . . Kertzer provides welcome food for thought. Strongly recommended for general audiences, specialists, and students."