Ritual, Politics, and Power

In the most comprehensive study of political ritual yet written, David I. Kertzer explains why ritual has always been and will continue to be an essential part of political life. Weaving together examples from around the world and throughout history--from Aztec cannibal rites to the inauguration of American presidents, from Ku Klux Klan parades in Georgia to May Day rallies in Moscow--Kertzer shows that the success of all political forces, whether conservative or revolutionary, is linked to their successful use of ritual.

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International Editions

  • Riti e simboli del potere

    Italian edition by Laterza (Rome), 1989.

  • Rytual, Polityka, Wladza

    by Oficyna Wydawnicza Volumen (Warsaw), 2010.

Out Of Print Editions

Japanese Edition - Keiso Shobo

Romanian Edition - Editura Univers