David I. Kertzer

1. Old Demons, New Debates
Leon Wieseltier

2. The New Anti-Semitism: Genealogy and Implications
Omer Bartow

3. The End of Politics
Mark Lilla

4. Zionism and Anti-Semitism
Hillel Halkin

5. Israel, Globalization, and Anti-Semitism in Europe
Fiamma Nirenstein

6. Anti-Semitism and the English Intelligentsia
Anthony Julius

7. Playground for Jihad? The Case of Great Britain
Robert S. Wistrich

8. The Retreat of the Strong State and the New Anti-Semitic Mobilization in France
Pierre Birnbaum

9. Esau Can Change, but Will We Notice?
Konstanty Gebert

10. Telling the Past Anew: Recent Polish Debates on Anti-Semitism
Jaroslaw Anders

11. Anti-Semitism in the Spanish-Speaking World
Enrique Krauze

12. Anti-Semitism and the Vatican Today
David I. Kertzer

13. Holocaust Denial
Deborah Lipstadt

14. Anti-Semitism in the United States
Nathan Glazer

15. The Globalization of Anti-Semitism
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen